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WOLFENSTEIN - Staedter (turquoise)

WOLFENSTEIN - Staedter (turquoise)

WOLFENSTEIN - Staedter (turquoise)
limited to 100 copies
comes with download code, lyrics sheet, essay/liner notes

Album Release Show: 22.10. Club P8, Karlsruhe!

By 'searching for hardcore that matters', the most people just think of new styles, sounds and trends. But that having an opinion, speaking the truth and not hiding behind cheap rhetoric, is the main point for becoming relevant. Starting from a raw impulse that led the four members to the rehearsal room in 2012 , recording their brilliant in-your-face demo straight away, Wølfenstein put all their anger in hard-hitting, fast-paced hardcore punk that doesn’t need to be explained. With a clear mind and a solid attitude, they pushed their way forward.

They stayed focused and developed their own musical style, which can be heard on their two splits with Sullen Walk and Kapytaen from 2014. But they did not forget what the whole thing is about: fighting against all the different shapes of mankind’s ignorance. The band from Stuttgart then took the next steps forward and created their first longplayer called “Staedter”.

Referring to the poem of Alfred Wolfenstein, who is also the band’s eponym, the four guys recorded a massive picture of what living and surviving in a big city means, with all its loneliness, namelessness and senseless hate. Spherical but gut-busting, mind-blowing but also on point, the ten tracks on “Staedter” have a significant style of songwriting, all mixed up with an intensively disturbing atmosphere. Written in English and German, the lyrics deal with the cold machinery called capitalism and the hate against refugees, but also with personal topics like losing a father due to alcohol abuse or forgetting who you are in the daily life’s trouble.

Linked with a unique sound, their first longplayer “Staedter” will leave one’s mark in the current hardcore scene – because it matters.