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STICK TO YOUR GUNS Comes From The Heart LP repress (clear/white 100)

STICK TO YOUR GUNS Comes From The Heart LP repress (clear/white 100)

16.90 EUR
STICK TO YOUR GUNS "Comes From The Heart" LP repress
clear w/ white marble wax, limited to 100 copies

STICK TO YOUR GUNS from California has grown to one the worlds biggest bands in hardcore.  They started in 2003 and back in 2009 STYG released their 2nd studio album "Comes From THe Heart" via Century Media Records. The album just got one vinyl pressing and (as you already might know) is sold out since years. If you wanna buy a first press these days, you have to pay up to 100 bucks.  
We've been lucky enough to get our hands on a licence for 1.000 vinyl copies of this album and we are going to release it in late april 2018. We start collecting preorders in january and put up a small amount of records every week (to avoid high paypal sales volume, which gave us issues in the past).

The pressing is full licenced via Century Media Records and backed by the band and it's management.

Pressing info:
1.000 copies in total
- 700 x splatter vinyl
- 200 x yellow vinyl
- 100 x milkey clear w/ white marble vinyl

Please mind that this is a preorder. Preorder customers pay the "early bird price". The closer we get to the release, the more the price will raise. We start with 15,90€ in january per copy and the final price in april is 17,90€. We decided to give the people a benefit who buy early and have to wait a long time until the record is finally releases. If you don't wanna wait, if you don't know what a preorder is, if you want your record 2 days after purchasing, please don't click the "buy" button.