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INTRONAUT - Valley Of Smoke LP (black)

INTRONAUT - Valley Of Smoke LP (black)

16.90 EUR
This is a preorder! Release date delayed toJan. 26th 2018!

INTRONAUT - Valley Of Smoke LP (black wax, 400 copies)

📌 Sold out since years. Dealt for prices a common music fan often is not able to pay. We proudly present you some very nice vinyl editions of this two mathcore/prog metal masterpieces. Both LPs come as 180g heavy weight records.

📌 Intronaut from Los Angeles create a very own sound poaching in genres like Sludge, Jazz and Funk, combining it with Metal and Hardcore. Sounds crazy? Indeed! 5 full length albums made 'em touring with Mastodon, KYLESA, Helmet and more.

❓ You like Neurosis, ISIS (the band) and Opeth and used to listen to hardcore when you've been younger? 🤘
‼️ Intronaut is your band!

❓ You like progressive Metal and you're always watching out for some deep stuff made with technical perfection that don't misses the groove? 🕺
‼️ Intronaut is your band!

❓ You already know Intronaut but you're not willing to pay like 50$ or more for a used redcord? 💰
‼️ This is your chance!

❓ You have no idea what the f*** the text above should tell you but wanna support a small d.i.y. independent record label that puts all money it makes with reissues in small bands to give 'em the chance to release a vinyl record? 👍
‼️ Just drop an order!

🔸🔶Pressing info "Prehistoricisms" 2LP🔶🔸
500 copies in total (100 transp. blue, 400 black), 180g vinyl, download code inside.

🔸🔶Pressing info "Valley Of Smoke" LP🔶🔸
500 copies in total (100 transp. brown, 400 black), 180g vinyl, download code inside.

Don't sleep on this. We do only 500 copies each, once they're gone... they're gone. We can't promise that any retailers will be delivered. We ship worldwide, cheap & wellpacked.

Release date is dec. 15th. Please consider: This is a preorder. Your order now, you pay now, you get the records delivered in december when they are finished. Pressing vinyl is not like doing CDs.